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how to write a job application 2

We have two open positions. Currently, there are about 70k open Software Development positions LISTED in Germany alone. We are looking for a FrontEnd Web Developer (== UI/UX designer). Furthermore, we are looking for a well-versed Javascript developer. [jobs]



Even though I get applications every day, I am going CRAZY! Why?! Well, it turns out that active thinking is no prerequisite to graduate from a German university (alright, I knew that already) or to write code.

I am writing this post in a really bad mood, so please try not to be offended! However, if you would like to be invited for a job interview, or would like to stand a good chance to actually get one of the jobs we offer, PLEASE read on!




do not apply to nothing


do not send it

First of all: READ OUR JOB LISTING! One example: We need somebody who is able to write Javascript, design and actually build a functional, clean, modern, responsive web UI. Now once you get that, think about the style and content of both your letter of application and your CV and what that tells me when reading your application: Your CV has a bad layout – you lose. Your CV does not contain A SINGLE F… LINK or active reference – you lose. You list 20 programming languages, 5 driver’s licenses, 97 computer programs you are able to open on 3 different operating systems. Congratulations, you just claimed to be superman without a job. Even IF you would be fluent in C++, Assembler and whatever else – I would not care. Really, not at all! I want you to be able to write good code in ONE language: Javascript. But far different from what you’re claiming with 2 words in a CV, I NEED A DEMO.

I need a reference, a living proof of your abilities. I need you to have an active blog with code examples. I need you to post about frontend design on Google+ or Twitter. I need you to have public projects on github or a similar service. I need you to have annotated links to your previous work. Don’t link blankly to a huge shop-website without telling me which part of it you actually created! I need to know whether you only skinned wordpress or wrote a full webserver and client system! I need to know what your css and class-relationship looks like. I need to see that you published 2 well-used jQuery plugins.

After all, ALL I NEED is public examples of YOUR WORK.


not just another fish in the ocean


do not be a borg

About your standard job application sending… for a job at a startup… don’t ! I know this is crazy crap and probably you need that for every other job in Germany, but let us think about the real situation here:

There is a pile of 300 applications. All of them look the same. The reader (== I) trusts none of them, because they are made to fit EVERYTHING. So what is your JOB when applying? It is to convince me that YOU are THE person to do this ONE JOB that I offer. The only way to convince me is to demonstrate that you did MATCHING WORK and are able to craft a FITTING APPLICATION.



impress me

Impress Me

TShirts do not impress me

If it’s for a design job your damn CV and letter should have a BRILLIANT LAYOUT! Best of all – if it’s for a web-design job – CODE YOUR CV and make it a freakishly cool website! Don’t send anything else but this one link! I don’t need you to tell me anything else. If your website’s cool and uses the tools we need for our project: YOU WIN!

If it’s a hard-core coding job: send me a code-riddle! Send me a benchmark of your server-throughput vs. the standard demo code supplied with nodeJS. Link to the post you wrote, which 50 people liked or retweeted or +1’d about how to cleverly structure 7 nested functions calls.

Show me that you are an active thinker and want this specific job! In the letter, don’t tell me that you are a great volleyball player. Tell me which parts of my web-project you would improve first, and how! Send me a mockup of a better UI than the one I have live right now! Send your email at 2am and the improved version of the mockup at 9am . IMPRESS ME. Show me you can improve what we have thus far, because this is going to be your job and I don’t need somebody who can not make my project better.


come and work with us

THANK YOU FOR APPLYING .. and the rest of you: thank you a lot for not wasting my time! I REALLY appreciate that!

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